End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.


Current world population

7.9 billion

Projected growth by 2030

8.5 billion (▲ 8.2%)

People under- and malnourished

2.0 billion

People suffering from chronic hunger

957 million

People suffering from acute hunger

239 million

Stunted growth children

149 million


Agrochemicals in soil


Time taken to create 1cm top soil layer

1,000 years

Arable lost through urban sprawl

400,000 Ha (yearly)

Yearly food cont. victims

600 million

Foodborne deaths (kids)

125,000 (yearly)

Food toxin born diseases



Due to food and land (mis)use systems

USD 12 trillion (aggregate hidden costs)


USD 2.4 trillion

Agri-produce wastage

USD 1.1 trillion

Land degradation

USD 330 billion

Poor farm management

USD 200 billion

Insufficient food safety

USD 110 billion

Plight of Youth and Women

314 million

Unemployed and underutilized people

1% women landowners

Who produce 50% of the world’s food

Agriculture’s Undeniable Role in Climate Change

Investments in Environment and Agriculture sectors go hand in hand in order to create balanced and multidimentional impact.

Food Wast

Approximately 1/3ʳᵈ of food produced is lost or wasted. To produce this food that is never eaten by people requires an agricultural area almost the size of the United States. Food wastage is directly connected to GHG emissions.

Harmful Gas

Agriculture accounts for ~45% of methane (CH₄) – from livestock and rice production, and 80% of Nitrous Oxide (N₂O) – from the application of synthetic fertilizers. These gases are more powerful drivers of climate change than CO₂.


The likelihood of simultaneous production shocks affecting more than 10% of production in the top 4 corn-exporting countries, rises to 7% under a 2ᵒC warming scenario and to a staggering 86% under a 4ᵒC warming scenario.


Agriculture, forestry, and land use change contribute ~30% of the GHG emissions driving climate change. Yet only 38% of agriculture emissions are covered by nationally determined commitments under the Paris Agreement.

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