Investments Thesis

Agriculture, Environment/Energy, Healthcare, and Education are the cornerstones of human well-being and progress.

Growth and Development in each sector have an unassailable spillover effect on the other three.

This causes a ripple of positive changes, transcending all boundaries and transforming life on Earth.

GSIF has a strong network of partners, stakeholders. Over the past 20 years, with working experience on both at the grassroots level and with the public & private institutions.


Aimed to make healthcare available, accessible, and affordable to people living in the world’s remotest parts. Healthy individuals have higher aspirations and are more productive.


Positioned to combat the climate change caused due to human activity and promote eco-friendly alternatives in all walks of life.

A safer environment sustains both plant- and animal kingdoms.


Positioned to nurture young minds with quality education and develop the skills of those seeking employment. Knowledge leads to higher employability and better self-awareness.


Focused on rehabilitating smallholder farmers, ensuring food security and green energy while empowering youth and women. Increased incomes make for healthy and educated societies.

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